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If you are feeling ill on the day of your class please call your instructor or (720) 838-5264 before you attend class.


After you’ve completed the SSI Stress & Rescue Diver course, you’re ready to begin the SSI Divemaster course!

Sure, you know many Divemasters. You have interacted with them on every trip you’ve been on. Even if you are not ready to quit your job to become a Divemaster, you ARE ready to hone your scuba diving skills and deepen your knowledge to become the best diver you can be.

The SSI Divemaster program is designed to educate divers to enter the scuba workforce. It combines the Science of Diving and Dive Guide specialties. This is a professional-level course that goes deep on the diving skills and dive theory required to be a successful Divemaster anywhere in the world. You will focus on diving skills, diver physiology, decompression challenges, and you will intern with instructors to put what you’ve learned into action.  SSI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities by teaching you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers. Your adventure into the professional levels of recreational diving begins with the SSI Divemaster program.

If you are NOT planning to become a professional, the Divemaster program is for you. Really!?  Yes, you will learn a deeper set of skills and theory that WILL make you a much better diver.  By becoming ready to teach and help others, you will internalize these skills making you a far better diver than you are today. Many of our students take this course to be the best diver they can be. And, it’s really fun too. 

Why Take the Divemaster program from Weaver’s?

We go significantly beyond some of the other divemaster courses from other agencies. Our philosophy is the more you know, the more you practice what you have learned, the better you can be. In our course, you will have 6-8 classroom sessions going deeply into physics, physiology, ecology, people skills, equipment, and leadership skills. Once complete, you will be an SSI Certified Divemaster and you will have instructor-level-knowledge in most of the key topics instructors need to know.

If you are Stress & Rescue Diver trained and ready to learn more, sign up for this class.

Prerequisites: SSI Stress & Rescue Diver, Deep Diver, Limited Visibility, and Navigation or qualifying certification from another organization & 40 logged dives. 

If you do not have the prerequisites, please give us a call so we can set a path forward for you so you can enter the Divemaster class!


  • Work with local dive centers, on live-aboard dive boats, yachts and at exotic resort locations,
  • Assist Instructors with scuba classes
  • Lead Scuba Divers on guided dive tours
  • Teach and certify Skin Divers
  • Conduct Scuba Review programs for certified divers
  • Conduct Discover Local Diving orientations
  • Teach The Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Course after successfully completing a Digital Underwater Specialty Instructor Training Course


  • Divemaster Program – $1,380.00
  • Prerequisite Specialties are offered at a discount when signed up for the Divemaster Program.

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