COZUMEL – Winter getaway, February 2015

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Dream Weaver Travel recently returned from a wonderful week of diving in

Cozumel.  We had a great group of divers that enjoyed a perfect week of

sunshine, calm seas and superb diving.  What made it even more fun was we

knew that everyone back home in Colorado was enduring one of the coldest

weeks and record setting snowfall.


Hotel Cozumel was our home for the week and they did an excellent job of

keeping us fat and happy with their all inclusive meals and beverages



Our dive operator, Dive House, took very good care of us with their top

notch dive crew and showed us some fabulous diving.  Turtles, stingrays,

nurse sharks, juvenile spotted drums, juvenile trunk fish, and splendid

toadfish were in abundance on every dive.  We even got to see a 6 foot green

moray eel free swimming with an escort of 2 large spotted groupers.   The

reef system is as healthy as ever.  The swim-through at Palancar Caves and

Columbia Reef provided a wonderful opportunity to see vibrant orange and

yellow sponges.


The highlight of the trip came after we returned home.  During one of our

last dives a member of our group unfortunately lost his Go Pro camera and

light.  A week later he received an email from another diver that found the

unit on the reef at 55 feet. AND he was sending it back!!  Apparently he saw

our clients name and email label on the camera.    So glad to know there are

honest, good people diving the reefs in Cozumel!!