Dominica – The Jewel of the Caribbean – January 2015

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The last week of January we took a great group of divers looking for adventure, to the island of Dominica – in the Lesser Antilles chain of the Caribbean. The Castle Comfort lodge was our host for the week – they took great care of us.  Castle Comfort is home to Dive Dominica – the premier dive operator on the island.

In addition to amazing barrel sponges and coral formations, we also dived the famous “Champagne Reef”.  A unique dive site where volcanic activity pushes streams of bubbles and hot water through underground vents, flowing into the sea. Yes – it is like swimming through a glass of Champagne!  Warm Champagne that is.  We even did a “critter hunting dive”, which proved to be spectacular – Imran, our divemaster found bumble bee shrimp, flying gurnards, batfish, frogfish and much more.

Topside the group enjoyed what Dominica is most famous for, we swam up water filled gorges, hiked to waterfalls and some of the group even went canyoneering, repelling down waterfalls! One afternoon we when whale watching and had an amazing encounter with NINE SPERM WHALES!  Combine that with sea kayaking, beautiful sunsets and wonderful local people, all in all, it was a great trip.

Dominica does not have jet service into the island, which does make it harder to reach and is much less “touristy” than many of its neighboring islands in the Caribbean. Everyone found it well worth the effort.