St Lucia March 2014

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When one thinks of a tropical paradise you imagine sandy beaches, turquoise water, lush foliage and stunning views.  Anse Chastanet in St Lucia has all of this and much more.  Our March group was treated to all of that as well as lovely accommodations, delicious food, great diving and incredibly friendly people.  Our dive crew for the week was Felix, Kenton, Keither and Davis.  They we loads of fun to be with and took really good care of the group.  The diving was beautiful, very colorful and healthily reefs.  We had an amazing night dive right off the shore of the resort.  We saw lobster, crab, shrimp, eels and octopus.  But the most exciting thing was the “thing”, a segmented sea cucumber about 5 feet long with a pinkish iridescent body.  Said to only be found in this one place and incredibly shy, we saw three on this one dive.  One of them was completely out so that we could see the full length of it’s body, very rare, usually they disappear at the first sign of light.

The food at Anse Chastanet is wonderful as is the service.  We had two very special evenings, one were the group was treated to a surprise cocktail party and dinner on the celestial terrance on the very top of Jade Mountain.  The view from up here is nothing short of breathtaking and the evening was a pure delight.  Our last night we were once again treated to a private group cocktail party and dinner at the petite piton restaurant where our dive crew joined us for drinks and Karolin, owner of Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain stopped in to say hello.

The group really enjoyed each other and the wonderful experiences we shared on this special trip.