Dominica – April 2013

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This April, a group of avid divers and adventures from Weaver’s traveled to the Nature Island- Dominica. The first sight of Dominica reveals why it is called the Nature Island. From the plane’s window all you see is green, green, green! The whole island is a lush tropical rainforest with peaks climbing into the clouds and shores sloping gently into the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The emerald green land and sapphire blue sea made us all anxious to see what this island had to offer!

The diving proved that the island is as beautiful underwater as above. Fantastic pinnacles and walls covered in red, purple, and orange coral. This diving had some of the most colorful coral structures I have ever seen, not to mention the giant basket sponges that abound at every site.  The night dive at Champagne Reef was a special experience. The divemasters discovered an area where glowing bubbles seemed to ooze from the sea grass. It was something no one on the dive had seen before; it was a beautiful sight that no one could explain, not even the divemasters!

After diving each day, we kept ourselves busy with all the island has to offer. We swam up Titou gorge and rode the powerful current down. Then, we relaxed at one of the natural hot springs below the majestic Trafalgar Falls. We had the opportunity to take a dip in Emerald Pool. A freshwater pool, below a rushing waterfall, so clear that it reflects the vegetation around it causing it to look like a shimmering emerald! A highlight for everyone was the afternoon of whale watching, where we were privileged to see 8 sperm whales – including a nursing calf! Check out the video shot by David Locke on his GoPro Hero 3

Overall it was an amazing trip to a beautiful island with a great group of people and first-rate diving!